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divergent-demigod asked:

When you get this, post five things you like about yourself (publicly). Then pass it on to ten of your favorite followers. :)

Let’s see :/

1. I’m surprisingly patient.

2. Given the chance I’d take in any stray animal.

3. I can go from mature to immature in under a minute.

4. I’d give up something in order for others to get it.

5. I’m very loyal… until I finally hit a certain limit.

Okay, I’ve been gone for almost a week and I’m SUPER sorry guys :(

But I’m here to upload my Chrisse week piece, and even with all the rough stuff going on I’m really happy with how this piece turned out.  I feel like Clarisse would totally express her love for someone like this :D It gives a new meaning to “tough love” lol

So, I hope you guys enjoy this, and I’ll try to see you again soon :)

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